The technique of web design is an important aspect of utilizing the opportunities of the Internet as it is today and as it will be tomorrow. Without the Internet web design technology would not even exist today. It has become an important part for any business in communicating their products or services around the world. For individuals it can be an avenue to market their expertise. Authors find it an enormous opportunity through establishing a website to gain exposure for their writing. The technologies we have today keeps changing and through web design websites have the capability to adapt as web design programs evolve in this ever changing world. Quality principles as they are applied to the concept of web design is critical for several reasons which will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs of this article

The first quality principle as part of any activity whether it be face to face or through a website is providing for communication and feedback. This principle is a key ingredient which all websites need to successful. In reference to web design programs the methods of communication with visitors or customers must be easy to navigate. The tools with respect to this capability may vary from various web design programs but the outcome is the same.

Another important principle is a website and the web design program must be user friendly. Part of this involves efficiency and navigation. Websites must be efficient in how they are structured. The capability of navigating through various parts of a website can result in a positive experience if the methods used are easily understood and recognized. Another aspect associated with being user friendly involves the capability of searching for information within the content of a website. Often the subject matter a visitor may be looking for is available on several pages of a website and they must be able to find those pages.

Defining a mission or purpose utilizing a web design program is the first step toward creating a website. There must be a defined mission to be achieved with a website and a web design program plays an important part of identifying the mission or purpose for visitors. The purpose of a website establishes the content to be included while the mission provides the connection in how the purpose will be achieved.

In terms of consistency there needs to be a consistent approach in conjunction with the purpose and objective for which a website was created. This includes using the proper fonts throughout a website. Fonts can be different sizes but they need to be consistent throughout a website in relation to how they are being used. Another important fact for websites is the need to keep it current. If a website is created and there are no changes to it to either add information or update the information already on it visitors would have no need to access the information being provided.

The perception of a website in terms of the quality of the information and structure will also play an important role in the success and ranking assigned to it. Businesses that have websites provide opportunities for customers and potential customers to communicate their opinions on services and products which they have purchased. Websites also provide opportunity to purchase products and/or services without the need to enter a physical store. Some of the basic characteristics on which websites are evaluated include the structure, quality and user friendly characteristics to name a few. Many businesses have websites for the same products/services. Any websites must have distinct characteristics which separate it from others providing the same products or services.

One last point to make is quality must be engrained in the structure and content of a website in conjunction with the purpose and mission established. If no connection exists it presents the perception that it is unprofessional. The consequences of a poorly structured website with a poor design will find that visitors will not be impressed and will not return. Losing visitors means losing potential customers. Poor web design will also have consequences in less traffic and ranking in search engines. Examples affecting good search engine ranking include the quantity and quality of visitors, quality backlinks and quality of the overall website and the content it provides. Poor design in these areas will have detrimental impact in search engine results and ranking.